About Us

Scott Wooldridge, Operations Director

Scott Wooldridge has over 20 years' experience in marketing and business development, and is a qualified chemist. Scott is an enthusiastic promoter of new technologies and software systems. Scott leads the commercialisation focus of the FTIR techniques for application to the conventional and unconventional petroleum market. Scott’s ability to manage and develop multiple business platforms is essential in integrating the Ana-Min product within different working environments and providing a forward thinking approach to meeting customer needs. “I firmly believe we can offer the best product in the market today”.


Dr Joseph Hamilton, Senior Mineralogist

Joseph is a geologist with a BSc from London University and a DPhil from Oxford University. From 1975 to 1988, he held research positions as a geochemist at Columbia, Glasgow and Cambridge Universities. From 1988 to 2003, he held various research and research management positions in CSIRO and in the Australian Petroleum Cooperative Research Centre. He was the inaugural Deputy Chief of the CSIRO Division of Petroleum Resources. This period was followed by two years as Professor of Petroleum Geoscience and Head of the Petroleum Geoscience Unit, University of the West Indies. Subsequently, he returned to Australia to work as a reservoir mineralogist with Intellection, ALS Ammtec and then as the mineralogy advisor to Lithicon (now FEI). In April 2015, he joined Ana-Min as senior mineralogist working with well site application of FTIR mineral analysis. He was the 2011 Distinguished Lecturer for the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia. During his career, he has received four best paper awards from international conferences and has more than 100 published papers. His current interests are in the development and application of technologies for rapid and robust mineral analysis. 


Ana-Min was formed in order to deliver FTIR based, quantified analytical Wellsite Mineralogy to the oil and gas industry, replacing the less rigorous, subjective optical techniques currently in widespread use today.


Backed by over 60 years of collective industrial expertise, with leaders in the application of innovative technology, Ana-Min is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive analysis at the wellsite.


Ana-Min delivers the most rigorous mineralogical services to the wellsite available in today’s market. This means consistent, comprehensive, rapid and accurate results available with minimum effort, with no need to ship samples to a laboratory.


Ana-Min’s vision is to be first-to-market with next generation mineralogical analysis. Delivered at the wellsite and based on the most rigorous testing standards to have ever been applied to this type of technology, we offer a fully effective service, supported by our team of experts, to maximise your data and minimise your costs in this time critical environment.