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Ana-Min have partnered with two leading oil and gas service companies.  R-WEB is the software able to capture and store all of the data captured during the FTIR process, and the trained people to utilise our equipment on the rig.


By partnering with experts in these fields, we are able to focus on our core service offering - delivering accurate and immediate minerology interpretations to decision makers whilst drilling.


R-WEB is a comprehensive geological data management solution providing single location data entry, a centralised electronic data hub, powerful data analysis and a quality reporting tool, which can be integrated with different technologies including FTIR.

Their integrated storage and reporting system is recognised by many major Oil & Gas companies as the most comprehensive and powerful interactive data management tools available for multiple users and wells.

For further information on R-WEB’s services, please click here.






AIPC is a leading provider of geology, drilling, engineering, quality assurance and quality control personnel. AIPC's consultants have experience in operating FTIR instrumentation for the upstream oil and gas industry.


From the moment the well planning commences on a new drilling campaign, AIPC works with operators to place the right people at the right time. They source consultants of the highest calibre, and have more than 150 years’ collective experience in the industry. They add real value through their expertise, innovation and total commitment to clients and consultants.


Their knowledge of the industry allows them to identify exactly what clients are looking for and match quality consultants to those needs.


For further information on AIPC’s services, please click here.



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