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Ana-Min offers a unique, high value mineral identification service for geothermal exploration, appraisal and development.​



Subsurface mapping of the geothermal system

Utilising Therm-Min™ Technology

As an extension of its mineralogy service (Geo-Min™), Ana-Min now offers a fast, effective and accurate service to identify key hydrothermal alteration minerals that are essential to mapping temperature and hydrology of viable geothermal “hot zones”.

Hydrothermal minerals indicate subsurface temperature distributions, thermal gradients, cooler vs hotter regions and zones of upwelling and recharge, permeable zones and barriers

Determining geothermal potential
  • Use mineralogy during exploration and appraisal drilling to ascertain if resource is large and hot enough for geothermal power

  • Recognise argillic assemblages which form low permeability seals over geothermal reservoirs

  • Map subsurface mineral zones to distinguish target hot zones from cooler compartmentalised zones

  • Mineralogy indicates presence of fracture mineralisation and high permeability fluid pathways



Facilitating geothermal operation efficiency 


  • Temperature ranges of minerals assist in estimating subsurface temperatures and setting of production casing depths

  • Facilitates optimal siting for next appraisal or production wells 

  • Allows prediction of scaling and corrosion problems



















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